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I have always been a fan of model building, construction, and general hobbyist activities for many years. Here is a collection of my works in variety of project; including architecture, scale aircraft, sci-fi models, miniatures and more. If you want to see more of my work, visit my Deviant Art page.

Artist Retreat

Glass Artist's Retreat
Scale architectural model

The Program for this project was to design a retreat for a glass artist in Coeur d’Alene, ID. The site was located on the slope of the Saint Marie’s River. The structure spannned a gully in the hillside like a bridge and had a large open facade that looked down onto the river and nature below.

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Sunnyside Park Bandshell Concept
Scale architectural model

The city of Pullman requested designs for a bandshell that was being proposed for Sunnyside Park, in Pullman, WA. The bandshell’s design incorporates natural materials such as ashlar rock, wood timber, and flagstone which were specifically chosen to unite the building with its natural environment within the park.

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Housing Incubator

Housing Density for Future Metropolis' Concept
Scale architectural model

The goal of this design was a concept for a 'housing incubator". The design utilized pre-fabricated dwelling units made from standard shipping ocntainers that would interlock into a concrete and steel core. The design and construction needed to build these units would be both cost-effective and capable of being constructed with local labor and materials.

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Museum of the Printed Word
Scale architectural model with lighting illumination

This project challenged me with the task of designing a museum that would house artifacts of the printed word. The design incorporated a metal exterior over glazing which allowed light to filter into the interior of the space through punched-out sentences in the day time, then reverse this affect by letting the interior lighting illuminate the outside at night. I incorporated this feature into my architectural model, which you can see in the photos.

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Find more for this project on the Architecture page.



Yellow 13

Yellow 13 / SU-35
1/72 customized aircraft plastic model

Yellow 13 is an iconic fictional ace pilot from the Ace Combat series of video games. I took a 1/72 model of an SU-35 and modified it to match the appearance of the Ace's Russian made SU-37. The paint scheme and decals are custom made and applied by me. To my knowledge, this was the first scale model of Yellow 13's SU-37 to be made and displayed. I have had many requests from other hobbyists for tips and suggestions on how to build their own "Yellow 13" model.

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Mad Cat

Battletech/Mechwarrior Timber Wolf
Scale pewter model

This was a display statue of the Mad Cat battlemech from the popular video game franchise Mechwarrior. This model stands about 5 inches tall and was made of pewter. I had to assemble it and patch mold lines and paint it. The final paint shceme is simple, but I focused on the small details, like the gradiant "jeweling" effect on the cockpuit and the dirt and dust accumilation ont he legs.

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Custom EZ-8 Gundam
Customized MG plastic model kit

This is a Master Grade model kit from Japan from the popular Gundam series. I took care to construct this while paying extreme attention to the details. This is a non-standard custom paint job where I utilized an air brush to get the desert camo look and then added a variety of weathering affects to the model, such as chipped paint and scratches.

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Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k Dreadnought
Scale pewter model

Construction and paint done of a wargaming miniature for the table top game Warhammer 40k. Miniature is ~4 inches in height and came unassembled and unpainted. I used various painting techniques such as drybrushing, layering, and weathering to acheive the final look.

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