Well, I am completely and totally pissed off with Xoom. The day after I posted the new HUGE update they closed my site. I asked them why and the actually responded by saying Copyright Infringement. Now I'm not a legal expert, but I havn't taken ANYONE'S registered product for advantage in anyway. I don't know what's there problem, but I just can't shake the feeling that someone told Xoom about SOMETHING really insignificant on my site that I missed. Either way I'm back and really pissed off. I've finally uploaded all the files to complete the update...AGAIN! From now on I request that everyone link to http://welcome.to/Techno Hut , or www.Techno-Hut.com. This will help me to not loose you loyal visitors with Xooms site closures. Please forgive the mess, but the techno Hut is now up and operational.



This update should make you feel like it was definitely worth waiting for! I've totally redone the sites main structure! I've updated, deleted and added files, links, and other stuff all over! The Music Video section is not only complete, but now offers videos for all the animes on the Techno Hut, and is Huge! It now consists of 25+ music videos, including the highly requested large music videos that where 11 MB or more, such as the White Zombie-More Human Than Human video! Only problem there is that those jerks at Xoom wouldn't allow files larger than 11 MB, so I made them into 3-4 part .rar files only to find out at the last minute that they don't allow those either! So I did a little tweaking and got'em up, anyone wanting those files that will find it well worth their effort to follow the three easy steps for the large files.

The music page has been redone. Unfortunately instead of getting closed every month by Xoom, I've decided to use Real Audio files for the time being for most of the anime music instead of quality MP3s. Pictures havn't really changed much, they've just been checked for broken links...none found. That doesn't mean there aren't some out there however. Then last up are the dreaded Downloads and Videos section. These were easily the most neglected sections on the Techno Hut. Now however, they are some of the best! There should be NO BROKEN LINKS ANYWHERE! If there are please tell me immediately! I have added files that are cool, and properly linked, not only that, but the Videos section now has worth while collection of videos to download! Please enjoy yourself, and don't forget to sign my guestbook and tell me what ya think!


This update isn't as much of an update as it is a fixer upper. I was planning on repairing the Music Videos, and the lost DBZ sections. Xoom on the other hand had another plan. They closed my co-webmaster Weasel's site. It isn't a horrible loss. However, I do need to now re-upload the Music Videos, and one or two EVA sections. So in short, sorry people, but I'm trying to get back on my feet right now, hopefully some cool stuff can be done soon. It is Spring Break for me so I can probably accomplish a lot. Wish me luck, I'll needed to fix this in one week.


Well, I've updated a few things. One is the new music vids page, now it has two more videos. But for the most part nothing has been changed. I'd like to apologize. Every since Trunks the DBZ guy left, it's been hard trying to manage an extra section. I'm also having a little bit of grade problems at my High School. So for a month or two don't expect much. Don't worry however, the Techno hut will be fine again if not by the next few months then definitely by the end of school. I will continue to update, however don't expect anything really big. Well, thanx for stopping by, C'ya later.


Today Weasel added more pictures to the swimsuit section (It's his favorite section) and I added the Music Videos section. You will no longer have to go through the videos section just to get them. I have updated the music section big time! Although nothing looks different all the links for the long missing Sailor Moon MP3's should be working. Just one catch, I'm using a new server that requires a special log in, but still, it's better than those evil broken links right!? I also updated the FanArt section. I kept taking it off and on, but now that I have enough  pictures for it to count, it's here to stay. Something I forgot to mention was that Weasel has also made a reviews section for anime movies that my friends and myself watch and have rated. Who knows, we might have actually said something intelligent! And last but not least, I added this Updates section, Whoooo-hoooo! Well, until next update, C'ya later!