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If you want me to put up your site let me know. As long as it is Mega Man / Rockman, Robotech / Macross, DBZ, Evangelion, or Sailor Moon, then it qualifies. If you want a banner for you to link your site to mine, just click below to check out a selection of banners.

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Word of note: Some sites here say they are temporarily down, or have broken links......I leave them here in hope that the creators of these pages will fix their problem. I have no idea where the pages could have gone to or why they are down. I only know what it states at the website's remaining page.


Robotech pages::

The Big Robotech Page

The Robotech Page

Robotech Videos (Full Robotech Episodes)


Macross Plus staring Sharon Apple and Myung Lone

Valkyrie Simulation Project

Heather Aubery's Robotech page


Mega Man pages:

MIB: Man In Blue

Joey's Mega Man Corner v1.85

Zero X Gold's Maverick Hunter Base


Sailor Moon pages:

Sailor Moon Universe

Silver Cristal Legend (Nothing left really, but you can check out what is there)

Michelle's Sailor Moon Music Page

Sailor Moon programs page

Moon Kingdom Products

Umineko's silly and otakuish homepage

Venus Perihelion

Sailor V Homepage

Sailor Moon Midis

The Immense & Immortal Beej's HomePage


Dragon Ball Z pages:

The Dragon Ball Z Zone

Dragon Ball Z domain

Rays DragonBall

Sean's Dragon Ball Z Webpage


A.D. Dragon Ball ZGT (Updateed of the site above)


Evangelion pages:

Evangelion 01's Home Page

You Know You've Been Watching Too Much EVA When

Evangelion the Movie

Absolute Evangelion page


Other good places to visit:

Video Game music (Simple enough, midi music, from nearly any console, or computer game)

The Eternal Symphony (This site has Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and a few other MP3s, Wallpapers and more)

Piccolo Kemuri's Small Anime page (Has both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z stuff)

Anime theme (get ready to be impressed, this site is full of advanced HTML to show you loads of background pictures and desktop themes! deffinatly check this place out.)

Al's Anime Page (This place is actually really cool. It has a lot of anime series includeing Sailor Moon, Macross, and more. It has music pictures, Info and other stuff, I'd check it out)

Anime Web Turnpike

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike


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